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Why should businesses switch from free Gmail to paid Gmail?

Currently, some companies are still using personal phones or Gmail as the main means of contact with customers and partners. However, in the age of technology, with the volume of information transmitted every day as large as today, having a professional email system not only promotes the efficiency of information exchange, enhances reputation but also protects get business data. This article will help you understand why you should switch from using personal email to Google Workspace Email - Google's Gmail service for businesses.

What is Google Workspace email?

Simply put, Google Workspace is a more advanced version of the free Gmail that everyone still uses. Workspace Google is an application package that includes:

  • Gmail follows the company's own domain name, ensuring stability, security and effective anti-spam and virus protection. For example: instead of like the free version.
  • Other applications to serve for information exchange, content creation, control for both managers and employees. For example: Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat, etc.

With an interface that has become extremely familiar to individual users, choosing the Google Workspace service not only ensures the quality of the system, but also ensures that employees will not encounter any obstacles. any application of this solution.

Why switch from free Gmail to Gmail for business?

  • Gmail accounts are business property:

Personal Gmail is each individual's account, so when an employee quits, all the data and information they have acquired during the company's working time also goes away. In contrast, a Gmail account under a business' domain name is The company's assets, is provided for use by employees. That is, when an employee leaves, the company can recover that asset. In case the employee quits, the admin can withdraw the account and change the password, the data can also be stored, not falling into a state of "no wings but flying", even "no wings". but fly to a rival company” if the employee goes there to work. .

Free and Paid Gmail

  • Files and documents are also assets of the business:

With Workspace, the documents that employees create on Google Docs, Sheets, Slides also belong to the business. Note: Google Drive, like Dropbox or other storage tools, is an application for businesses to backup data to the Cloud. Businesses can even make policies that require all employees in the company to back up the data stored on their computers to Google Cloud to avoid theft, or damage to the device, losing all company files. Backup & Sync or Drive File Stream can both do this.

  • Manage document sharing in the enterprise

If all members of the business use it GG Workspace sharing and exchanging information is much easier.

First: documents shared between members of the company, or shared from members of the company outside with partners, customers can set the security mode. For example: restrict viewing/commenting/editing or setting a session duration to access documents. Users can also prevent other members from downloading, copying or printing company documents.

Second, businesses can completely set up a security policy for the company by managing employee mail flow with Google Workspace.

  • Create an email address for a group – group business email

The company can create group mail like or, etc. Admin will be able to install and configure the mail flow to and from those group mail addresses at no extra cost. . In addition, admin can also create sub-organizations in the enterprise (Organizational Unit) and apply settings specific to this group.

  • Create multiple email addresses

Người dùng Gmail của Google Workspace – gmail doanh nghiệp có thể tạo nhiều địa chỉ email alias. Ví dụ:

With email alias, you can understand as "All roads lead to Rome", emails sent to the above addresses will all be gathered into one inbox. This is very useful when you have to work with many different partners and companies. Address example will be used to communicate with customers, emails sent to can be interpreted as non-work related emails.

Besides, businesses can also create multiple domains with Google Workspace. If your company name is Thanh Do and specializes in providing import-export services, you can create domain emails with many different domains. For example: or, as long as you own both domains and

> Reference: Top 4 Most Prestigious Domain Email Services Today

  • Enhanced security with two-step verification – 2 step verification

Security in today's rapidly developing information technology era is extremely important. The Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Center (VNCERT) has shown that Vietnam is among the countries most at risk of cyberattacks, with malicious code attacks such as Wannacry and Grandcab. The people are Vietnamese businesses and one of the common reasons is the subjectivity in self-protection.

With Google, security is made extremely tight. First is the login step. If you log into your account from an unknown device or from a strange location, Google will send a warning to your device. Not to mention, you can set up two-factor authentication for your account. Especially if you are the admin of the business, you will have a lot of permissions to install, and set up the security policy to match the company's policy.

What does Gmail for business have besides….Gmail?

With more than 5 million businesses paying for Google Workspace services globally, you can rest assured that any concerns about an email system can be answered by Google - a giant in the world's technology industry. However, there is one important thing that not all businesses realize: GG Workspace is not simply a quality email system provided by Google, it also contains an entire ecosystem in which its members certainly Every employee in the business needs to use:

  • Drive – with 30GB of cloud storage, along with the right to manage and control the most important data of the business. Of course, if you use Gmail for free, each person Everyone has the right to manage their own documents (decentralize edit/comment/view, ..). But from an admin perspective, how can I manage the activities of those individuals? GG Workspace is the answer for businesses.
  • Docs, Sheets, Slides – Currently, most people are still used to using Microsoft's Word, Excel or PowerPoint. However, the process: text editor > click save > insert email attachment > send to colleagues/partners > download by others > edit > save > upload email > resend… – This vicious cycle repeats until a final version document file is actually fixed (or “final version 1”, “final version 2”,…). Instead, Docs - Sheets - Slides also have the same features, but bring the advantages of cloud products and the power of artificial intelligence. Everyone can work on the same document at the same time, in real time, wherever they are, using a laptop or phone. The generated content will be automatically saved. In addition, features such as reviewing edit history, commenting, setting access time limits, etc. are not only effective tools for teamwork but also form a security habit for documents in the enterprise.
Docs, Sheets, Slides with the power of Machine learning and AI let anyone easily collaborate on the same document.
Docs, Sheets, Slides with the power of Machine learning and AI allows everyone to easily collaborate on the same document.
  • Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meets: Application to Chat and video conference (video conference), remove all barriers of space and time. With a simple interface, business members can easily join online meetings with customers with just one click.
  • Google Sites, Google+: Depending on the purpose of each business, these applications are often used to make websites or internal portals (intranet portal). In addition, this is also a tool to store knowledge, share experiences, train or build company culture.
  • Google Vault: The application helps admins to search, store and extract data to serve the eDiscovery needs of the business.

In general, in this era of developing technology, anyone can self-chosen own applications, software to meet the needs of the job. Whether it's contact for information exchange, storage or sharing, collaboration, etc., people can quickly think of Skype, Zalo, Dropbox, Evernote. This can easily lead to a situation shadow IT – when the software and applications that employees use to work are not supported or approved by the IT department.

Although today IT no longer has to worry about the infrastructure or even manage these applications, in reality, they still have to Responsible for security and ensuring employee compliance with corporate data protection policies. Therefore, using a set of applications such as Google Workspace Email – not only meet the requirements of the company members, but also provide tight control from the domain-wide setting or the individual user-level. , all done on a centralized admin panel – admin console.

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