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Leverage the power of IBM Power Systems on Google Cloud

Leverage the power of IBM Power Systems on Google Cloud

Businesses looking for cloud solutions to modernize their existing infrastructure and business processes will now have many options. Some organizations are planning to remove entire legacy systems to rebuild on the cloud platform. However, many businesses still want to continue leveraging their existing infrastructure while benefiting from Cloud's flexible pricing model, scalability, and new advances in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and analysis.

To help your business achieve the above goals, whatever that may be, Google Cloud now offers IBM Power Systems as part of its cloud solutions on Google. Today, customers can run IBM Power Systems as a service on Google Cloud, whether you use AIX, IBM i, or Linux on IBM Power.

For organizations using a hybrid cloud strategy, IBM Power Systems in particular is an important tool. Because of its performance and ability to support mission-critical workloads, such as SAP applications and Oracle databases, businesses have continuously sought options to run IBM Power Systems in the cloud. IBM Power Systems for Google Cloud offers a path to do just that, offering the best of both the cloud and on-premises worlds. You can run business applications like SAP and Oracle on the IBM Power servers you already trust, and start taking advantage of all the technical capabilities and smart cost models you need. Google Cloud provide.

IBM Power Systems on Google Cloud offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Payment integration: You can deploy the solution through the Google Cloud Marketplace and take advantage of the integrated Google Cloud billing advantages. This makes it possible for you to take advantage of this offer like any other Google Cloud service and get all your bills from Google Cloud. 
  • Access Private API: Google Cloud's Private API Access technology allows you to access Google Cloud resources privately, while still using all IBM Power Systems resources (LPARs) to use private IP resources. The system is secure by design and enables extremely low latency between IBM Power servers and virtual machines Google Compute Engine.
  • Built-in customer support: Google Cloud will be behind customer support, providing technical support for any issues.
  • Rapid Deployment: A new, intuitive management console enables rapid resource expansion and rapid deployment of the most convenient solution.

Many enterprise customers, including leading energy and retail segments, have begun modernizing their infrastructure with this new offering. To learn more about how you can use IBM Power Systems on Google Cloud, get in touch Gimasys.

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