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Add comments and save filter views in the alert center

What is changing:

We are working on some updates for alert center for G Suite. Administrators with alert center privileges can now:


  • Leave comments on alerts to save investigation progress and resolution details with collaborators.
  • Use saved filters to quickly return to a specific view without having to redo the filter every session.


Who is affected:

Admins only


Why use:

They are built on alert center updates recently to help make the alert hub a better resource for displaying critical alerts and facilitating collaborative mitigation. Specifically, leaving comments helps colleagues capture notes that help multiple people collaborate on surveys. Additionally, saved filters help personalize your experience so you can quickly focus on specific alerts for work functions. For example, if you have team members Focusing specifically on phishing and malware, they can save filters to see only Gmail-related alerts.


How to get started:


More information:


Leave a comment for better work

You can now leave comments on the alert. When you leave a comment, it will appear in the “Alert history” section, when you look at an alert, and can be viewed by any other administrator who has access to the alert. This can help you track any action taken on an alert, and can make it easier for team members to collaborate to investigate and remediate the alert. Note that comments can be deleted, but only by the user who left the comment.


You can leave a comment in the alert history of an alert


Use saved filters to personalize the alert center

If you have filters that you use often (for example, you can often filter “High severity” warnings with “In Progress” states), you can now save these filters so you can quickly return to them. Saved filters will be individual to each user, but you can share the URL after the filter is applied so colleagues can see the same view.


Saved filters help you quickly access popular filter views in the alert center



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