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Learn more about Google Groups with Contacts hovercards

What’s changing: Directory hovercards provide a lot of useful information about the members of your business. Understand that you need Google Groups in G Suite to be more visible, so Google added information to the tags hovercards This is when the object you are contacting is a group.

Now when you hover over the name of a group in Gmail, you can see a lot of essential information, like the members of the group, as well as do a few actions such as:

  • Schedule an event with the group
  • Send Email to the group
  • See more members of the group

You can also select “More info” – the system will take you to the group member details page on Group members will only appear on hovercards if the user has permission to view them. This functionality will be added to other G suite apps in the future.

Updated: Gimasys

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