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Add meeting time suggestions in Google Calendar

What’s new: Adjusting the meeting schedule in Google Calendar will become easier. Google is introducing a new feature that allows for more efficient meeting scheduling. Each meeting guest can now propose a new time and the organizer can easily review and accept the time change. This will make it easier and more flexible to exchange information between meeting attendees, reduce preparation time, and make meetings more effective when more people can attend.

Users invited to the event can now respond by replying: Yes/No/Maybe/ Propose a new time. If you've been granted access to Calendar, guests can see how likely others are to attend. From there, they can suggest a time that works better for everyone.

Guests can send their time suggestions with messages, notifications to the organizer (organizer). The host can then accept the suggested time with a single mouse click.

This functionality works between businesses using G Suite and with Microsoft Exchange. Guests can send suggestions to the meeting organizers. These people can get suggestions from guests even if they are using Exchange. It's now live on the web, and August 13 will be on mobile devices, so your users can access it even when they're on the go.

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