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G Suite Security Center: Assess Threats and Provide Solutions

What’s changing: Google will launch Early Adopter Program (EAP) for a new “testing tool” in the Security center –  security center of G Suite (Workspace Google). This will help G Suite admins and security analysts identify, classify, and respond to business security threats. This tool builds on existing features in Security Center to help admins:

  • Identify security issues in your business using advanced search capabilities.
  • Classify and evaluate threats against users, devices, or data.
  • Take a sequence of actions to limit the expansion and impact of threats.

G Suite Security Center: Assess Threats and Provide Solutions

A new pillar in G Suite's Security Center

IT admins and analysts using the cloud are often looking for tools, visibility, and help insights to stop operational threats or vulnerabilities before they become security incidents. secret. This is why Google introduce security center for G Suite earlier this year. Security Center gather security analysis, detailed information for admin to take appropriate measures. Plus, you'll also find the best recommendations from Google to help protect your business, data, and users.

The testing tool provides the security center with built-in troubleshooting and remediation capabilities. With this tool, admins can:

  • Use comprehensive queries – Conduct enterprise-wide searches across multiple data sources, such as Gmail, Google Drive, and device logs.
  • Delete malicious email – Identify and remove malicious email from users' inboxes.
  • Monitor file sharing – Inspect Drive files that are being shared externally and take action to prevent possible abuse.
  • Determine the correlation –  Based on the searches to connect the results found.
  • Perform device analysis – Account suspension; wipe a device that has been compromised or is running a vulnerable version of OS.
  • Check the Drive file – Make domain-wide access changes and IRM (Information management) settings on Drive files.

Testing Tool Now Introduced to Early Adopter

Google introduced the testing tool to a small group of testers and customers. Google looks forward to extending this capability to more customers through its EAP testing tool. EAP is currently only available with G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education editions. Admin G Suite can act on behalf of the business Register to join EAP with your main domain here.


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