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G Suite Newsletter April 2018

Faced with the threat of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, Google is pushing to expand and improve the control of G Suite admins so they can protect users in their company from attacks. public from the outside. In addition, in this update, Google also makes it possible for G Suite users to collaborate more effectively with additional features in Google Drive.

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Icon Protecting G Suite Users: Phishing Prevention and Device Management

Google has updated over 20 features to extend and enhance Google Cloud users' control over security. Many of them will be defaulted to G Suite, so you can rest assured that the right security measures are being put to use in your business. And even in most cases, the user doesn't need to do anything…

Icon Display document viewing history in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides with Activity dashboard

An important element of collaboration is deciding when to continue the flow of work and how, because in a group there will be many pieces of work and many people involved. To help you make these decisions, Google introduced the Activity dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides…

Icon Show notifications to iOS users who haven't used Hangouts Meet yet

Meet allows G Suite users to connect across any device and at any time. For G Suite users on iOS devices who haven't activated the Meet app: they can still join meetings to which they're invited, but won't be able to set up, host an online meeting themselves, etc.

Icon Find shared content with a new document arrangement in Google Drive

G Suite was built to meet the needs of frequent document sharing and collaboration among employees and teams. However, finding the documents becomes difficult when there are hundreds or thousands of files later. So Google is improving the way people find documents that people share with you in Google Drive…

Icon Updated Menus and Toolbars in Google Docs Editing

Based on usage data and user feedback, Google continues to make some menu changes in the editing section of Google Docs on the web. These are the same changes as the ones Google made in December, January, and February, and they should make it easier to find some items…

Icon Control session duration to Google apps on the web

To protect data internally within your business, Google automatically signs out G Suite accounts from the Google apps they're accessing after 2 weeks. However, Google also received feedback from businesses that: Depending on the case, businesses will need to control the length of access differently...

Icon Now every G Suite user can manage security keys with two-step authentication

Google encourages all customers to use two-step verification for added security when they sign in to their G Suite account. In particular, Google recommends using security keys because they are easy to use and can better prevent some common security attacks, such as phising.

Icon Option to add favicon in new Google Sites

The new version of Google Sites offers a simple, yet elegant, new way to help you create websites. To make your website stand out, you can now create your own favicon – the icon next to the website address in the address bar of your client's browser….

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