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Google Cloud Platform Newsletter February 2023

Automate data governance, extend your data fabric with Dataplex-BigLake integration

Unlocking the full potential of data requires breaking down the silo between open-source data formats and data warehouses. At the same time, it is critical to enableSee more

Understand and optimize your BigQuery analytics queries using the query execution graph

BigQuery offers strong query performance, but it is also a complex distributed system with many internal and external factors that can affect query speed. When your queries are running slower than expected or are slower than prior runs, understanding what happened can be a challenge. See more

The top 8 products startups use on Google Cloud

Startups worldwide turn to Google Cloud tools to build fast on a strong and easy to use platform that helps them get to market and launch products faster, all while building on the cleanest cloud in the industry. Startups leverage Google Cloud and our.. See more

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