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10 Reasons why Remote Working is becoming a trend today

From a situational solution to facing business and employment crises. Never like now, work remotely is becoming an explosive and widespread trend in almost every industry.

“Telework” appeared and became a trend

After a long period with many processes, the optimization of time and working conditions of employees has always been a hotly discussed issue. Managers always want to find a solution to balance the interests of employees with productivity and business efficiency of the enterprise. And the idea of work remotely used in most businesses. Remote Working is gradually becoming a general policy, a special benefit to attract personnel in the new era.

The response from the employees is of course indisputable, but now most businesses are also considering changing the model to maximize efficiency. This proves “working remotely” It is clearly a new development trend in the present time. And understanding why businesses need to care about remote working and how to effectively apply it in business organizations is becoming more and more important and urgent.

Trends of working remotely

Reasons to work remotely is becoming a trend these days

Remote working meets the right psychology of employees, it is optimal in improving efficiency and productivity.

Save money and time due to travel restrictions

One of the best reasons is to work remotely is to save time complicated commuting. Travel time is now radically shortened to just from the bed to the desk. Not to mention, every morning you don't have to mingle in the rush hour traffic of the city, no traffic jams and dust. And of course, gas, car maintenance, parking, clothing, lunch and more can all be reduced or completely eliminated from spending when adopting a telework policy. . These savings add up to a pretty substantial amount for each employee's monthly salary.

Working remotely to avoid traffic jams

Increase independent work performance

Moving, commuting, communicating, chatting with colleagues and other side activities disrupts the thinking flow of a working person. Besides, every day at the office, employees have to comply with the rules and underground rules that lead to uncomfortable psychology. However, when working remotely, this situation will be resolved. Staff work remotely more time and less distractions, leading to more focus, increased productivity, more efficiency, and a cleaner workflow.

Remote working helps to take initiative in work and self-management

Another great benefit of remote working is that your employees will have a spirit of independent work, skills to proactively arrange work, and manage themselves will be gradually discovered and promoted. Because working remotely requires each employee to manage their own work well, plan their own work so as not to affect the overall progress. However, employees completely have a flexible working time, are not supervised, and are fully proactive in arranging their own progress and work order as long as they complete the deadline with enough quality. and meet the requirements.

More time for family and friends

When employees work remotely, they will be able to have lunch with friends or partners and are not required to sit all day at the office. They also have time to be around to take care of their loved ones like parents and children more. While it is still necessary to ensure compliance with the business's work schedule, not having to spend time in the office 8 hours a day will give employees more time for relationships to maintain and develop.

There are many job opportunities anywhere in the world

Until now, in traditional businesses, candidates have to go through a recruitment process with a series of rounds of interviews. Technology makes this process simpler with online interviews. However, employees still have to take jobs at the office and work permanently at the company. Now, with the form work remotely, candidates can stay at home to join a job at any company in the world from the time of applying, interviewing or getting a full-time job.

Love working remotely

Remote work can make more money

Ignoring the benefits of saving a lot of money, the amount of salary employees receive each month will be preserved. People work remotely also have flexible working time to arrange to receive more jobs and projects from other companies. And of course, when doing more work, the amount of money each employee receives each month will increase, besides with time management and control skills, the work progress will be better and better.

Maintain business operations in any social upheaval

All businesses, if they want to grow and be profitable, must continuously operate the system from human to machine in a smooth and stable manner. However, in the face of a changing society every day, the impacts that affect the business activities of enterprises are many.

For example, the Covid-19 epidemic has caused a series of businesses from large to small to struggle in ensuring jobs for employees but still obligated to comply with health safety. In that situation, work from distant is clearly the most optimal solution for both employees and businesses.

Cutting costs helps businesses invest more rationally

At enterprises, only a few departments are required to come to the company every day to ensure that the work is normal and stable. This shows that, if the business only has to maintain a small number of employees at the office, the cost for premises, rooms or network service fees, electricity, water, and air conditioning will be on a large scale. less than.

Instead, businesses use that cost to invest in equipment and software for employees' work, which obviously brings higher efficiency. Moreover, businesses can also recruit more candidates work remotely without having to worry about expanding the workspace.

Effective support technology for working remotely

In the past, many employees could be judged as lazy and inefficient if desired work remotely with the help of technology applications. But now, the advancement of technology makes remote work not only possible but also very effective.

Even businesses that do not want to be left behind must own a messaging system and project management software that allows employees and managers to communicate and work immediately. Especially in the face of social upheavals, if there is no reasonable method to support remote work, it will bring risks but no benefits to the company.

Support for remote working

Businesses easily convert digital faster

To stay competitive in a constantly changing global market, besides increasing profits and improving customer satisfaction, digital transformation is a must for businesses in the industrial age. Industry 4.0 today. The application of technology in work remotely will help businesses reduce costs, increase profits and customer satisfaction, thereby moving towards faster and more efficient digital transformation.

With Google Workspace working remotely is no longer a challenge

Optimizing cost and performance

Present G Suite has changed its name to Google Workspace, Google Workspace solution will provide everything you need to get all the work done. The cost optimization for best performance will be solved when the business transforms up Google Workspace toolkit by Google. Working remotely becomes easy when:

  • Face-to-face online meeting with Hangout meet
  • Share documents with Google Drive
  • Content production and real-time collaboration among team members with the Google Office suite (Docs Sheets, Slides) with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Manage time effectively with Google Calendar
  • Create a centralized portal for workgroups with Google Sites
  • Remote printing is no longer an obstacle with Google Cloud Print

Experience more productive work with Google Workspace

  • Information security is a top priority.
  • Enhance collaboration and flexible productivity from anywhere with any device.
  • Regularly upgraded and updated while ensuring normal smooth operation.

Google Workspace - The perfect solution for working remotely

Through the above information, both businesses and employees certainly understand the benefits of working remotely if optimized with the support of technology will help businesses achieve more success.

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