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5 benefits when businesses register email under their own domain name

The development of information technology today has brought many options (both free and paid) for communication and information exchange, but email is still one of the most useful tools for people. with business. However, today many businesses are still using free email services like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo instead of email accounts under their own domain name, also because of that, they cannot take full advantage of the benefits that they have. This vehicle delivers. This article will outline the 5 most important factors businesses can consider when switching from a free email service to email with a domain name.

What is business domain email?

Gmail doanh nghiệp (Business/professional email) là một dịch vụ email được thiết kế riêng cho các công ty, doanh nghiệp, tổ chức. Điểm khác biệt dễ nhận thấy nhất của email doanh nghiệp so với các dịch vụ email miễn phí nằm ở the address of the email account: instead of using the same domain names of the provider (such as,,,...), businesses can use their own domain names. This domain name can be the company name (,,, ...) or the service or product that the company provides (,, ...).  

So what are the benefits of owning an email address under your own domain name?

Benefits of using business email accounts

1. Building trust with customers

Using corporate email makes the company's information exchange more professional, whether it is an internal exchange between employees or between employees and external parties (such as customers, partners). These email addresses not only establish the user's right to transact on behalf of the company, but they are also an effective form of advertising because the name and service of the owner is always present in every email address. information flow that employees perform.

Besides, business email also shows professionalism and seriousness in business. Imagine that every day, your employees send company profiles, project information or simply send quotes to customers, but use personal accounts (for example: or, from the very beginning, the impression you can build with customers is an incomplete number. Not to mention that the company's reputation can be affected at any time. Since you are using free email services, anyone can create email addresses with similar display names and easily impersonate company employees.

Many studies have shown that using professional email addresses increases customer trust. If you already own a domain name (for example: or,...) and register to use email services using this domain name, only your business has the right to create addresses. only the corresponding email (,…). Certainly no second unit can do this.

If your business website is also hosted with the same domain name that you purchased, this will be a plus point to drive potential customers to visit your website. On the contrary, those who have consulted the information and services on the company's website will have the basis to confirm that: The email address with domain A belongs to company A and can be trusted to carry out further transactions. according to.

Email under your own domain name not only brings benefits to reputation and brand, but also ensures security and capacity.
Email under your own domain name not only brings benefits to reputation and brand, but also ensures security and capacity.

2. Protect business-critical data

Protecting business data includes two elements: Protecting company data from cyber attacks, software, malicious code and protecting sensitive company information, avoiding employees disclosed to third parties without permission.

Email services are often the target of every cyber attack and malware distribution. Depending on the nature of the business, the privacy and security of data will be an indispensable factor when switching from a free mail service to a paid one. If the enterprise does not have much knowledge about security or even the IT resources are not enough, the security of the enterprise completely depends on the security capabilities of the supplier.

Not to mention the use of personal email means that employees can freely store data anywhere, share information with anyone that the business cannot control. This will certainly create a security hole that could have been prevented in the first place by managing users' accounts.

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3. Avoid sending out emails falling into spam

If email marketing is an important channel to help bring in revenue and regular customers, then this is most likely one of the main reasons why you want to switch from a free email service to an email subscription with your own domain name. There are a number of free email services (and cheap email hosting) that are targeted by spammers or malware. This causes emails that you send from a free email address to be marked as spam and not reach the recipient's main mailbox. And unless the recipient actively checks the message for the spam folder, they will usually never reach the content you send.

When signing up for business email, with reputable providers like Google or Microsoft, you can rest assured because the "reputation" of the email you send will be much greater, thereby avoiding the situation of email, newsletter bounced or went straight to the trash.

To be able to do this, one of the important methods that email providers will implement is to install full SPF, DKIM, DMARC records, helping other systems to authenticate messages. sent by your employees.

4. Backup – Backup business data

If you are using free email services (or even business email services but cheap hosting solutions), chances are that when your providers have problems like system crashes, hacked or simply deactivated, you will lose all emails and attachments stored in the email. Especially when the provider is not able to secure and maintain the system, this risk can happen at any time without warning, so users have almost no chance to backup their data. (Even if you have a daily backup of your data, it is inevitable that you will lose a lot of important information).

With its own business email system, especially when using the services of reputable providers like G Suite (Workspace Google), the quality of the system will be guaranteed through the Service Level Agreement. In this commitment, the provider will include terms and strategies related to backup and backup plans. So no matter what happens, your data is secure, accessible, and your day-to-day business will not be affected.

In a vibrant business environment, email is an official, reputable and secure communication tool
In a vibrant business environment, email is an official, reputable and secure communication tool

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5. Storage and built-in apps

An equally important factor besides the issue of reputation and security is the size of the email. Usually free email services are only 15GB – this number is not enough because when working in a corporate environment, documents and information are exchanged gradually, which will consume storage space. Business email services like Google's G Suite, the lowest version is already 30GB or higher versions are not limited. Users can also easily expand storage by purchasing more Drive storage for the required accounts.

In addition, today's business email services are more than just email. Their exact names are the productivity suite – “productivity suite” – where applications are seamlessly linked together (such as Calendar for time management, video calls for online meetings, or tools for storing and decentralizing document access such as …) ) and meet all the most essential needs for users to complete their work. That's why two giants in the technology industry like Google or Microsoft have in turn launched versions of G Suite, Office 365, ... and have been put into the application by millions of large enterprises around the world.

So with the essential benefits that a business email system can bring, what else should make you consider more? If you still need advice on costs, how to register, set up an email system under your own domain name, or need to try it out before making an investment decision, please schedule an online consultation with us. Gimasys – Authorized Google Partner in Vietnam to receive the most useful advice information.

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