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How to insert a chart in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an extremely useful tool when working in real time with a group (in real time). Google Sheets fully exploited by Google to increase user experience and productivity. Not only shown with the basic features of Google Sheets, it is also integrated with a series of powerful utilities to help even the most demanding people "smile" and agree when working online. (online) with Sheets.

Let's take a look at some of the most commonly used utilities on Sheets with Gimasys in today's article!



Heatmaps is a great way for users to highlight the data in their sheets when creating reports, to give a more vivid example that people can apply the rules. (syntax) that Google supports Heatmaps in the process of analyzing data coming from Google Analytics. Data that matches the corresponding rule will be highlighted.

To create a heatmap, go to Google Sheets > Format > Conditional Formatting


Google sheets

In the options section, you can choose single colore (one color) or color scale to create a heatmap:


Insert charts from Google Sheet into Google Docs

Docs, Sheets, Slides is a suite of office applications on Google's Cloud platform, and Google has been doing a very good job of making them support each other at their best.

If you have a pie chart containing report data created at Google Sheets, but want to move it in Google Docs then use the feature Insert Chart From Sheets.

At Google Docs proceed in Insert > Chart > From Sheets


Insert charts in Google Sheets


This is really useful, all data changes from Google Sheets on this pie chart are all updated Google Docs automatically. You will save a huge amount of time compared to using other products to manipulate similar datasheets.


Insert data from one sheet to another sheet

Imagine you have 5 sheet report files and need to synthesize them into a single sheet report file with important data. If using other solutions, it takes a lot of time to copy and paste from 5 sheet files to 1 common file.

However, Google completely understands the problem users encounter and the IMPORTRANGE function was born to solve that.



Simply, you only need to operate on 5 report files and it will automatically be updated to the main report file. So great at saving working time.


Insert charts automatically in Google Sheet

Google has just updated the automatic chart insertion feature with existing metrics. Google automatically extracts data into column or pie charts (in percentage). You can also enter requests in the spoken language. For example” “list total spending by day”, “list the person with the highest revenue”…


Insert charts in Google Sheets


Google Sheet automatically creates charts based on data



Extract total revenue by day


Instructions for using Google Sheet Explore (see picture)

- Open Google Sheets, choose Explore lower right corner of the screen

– Scroll down and you will see many charts, hover over the chart to select Insert Chart



In addition, you can also sync data to your tablet from the incoming spreadsheet Google Docs or Slides. You copy and paste the data in the spreadsheet Docs or Slides and press “Update” to sync via tablet. You can also create a 3D chart with a new chart on the right.

The above feature supports both iPhone and iPad.




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