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Google Drive and 4 outstanding advantages

Google Drive is a data storage and synchronization solution included in the Business Email package provided by Google. This application allows users to store documents in the cloud, share and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with other collaborative colleagues. Find out with Gimasys 4 outstanding advantages of Google Drive down here.

Google Drive is friendly to all devices

On average, each intellectual worker currently uses about 3 technology devices, with the need to work anytime, anywhere, even when outside the office. Therefore, a storage solution that works well on all platforms, is user-friendly across different devices like Google Drive is essential. Running well on both Android, IOs and Windows, the directory system is easy to see, creating and uploading files is simple, this application allows users to access and work on their data warehouse in a simple way. from anywhere, through any device.

Google Drive allows effective teamwork

Thanks to the ability to share files for team members while ensuring high security and administrative functions, Google Drive is the ultimate solution for collaboration. The activities of team members on the datastore are clearly displayed, for example, the name of the file owner is always in the Owner section, who edited the file and the modification time is also saved. again in the Last modified column.

Advantages of Google Drive

Google Drive is compatible with all types of files

All file types from word, excel, photo or video files can be uploaded, stored and opened on Google Drive. All file types Microsoft can convert to Docs files to open and edit.

Google Drive has integrated flexible search capabilities

In a data warehouse that includes documents from many different users, it will be very difficult to search for a file by opening each directory tree. Searching based only on file names or keywords can also be difficult because the possibility of duplicate file names is very high. Therefore, the need for a search bar with the ability to filter multiple information fields to find documents accurately is essential. Google stands out with its search function on, so Google products like Google Drive, Gmail domains, Google Docs All are integrated with a very powerful search function. Users can find files based on the owner's name, last edited time or names of members shared on that file. Refer to the Google Drive price list with many incentives and receive direct advice from Gimasys.

Present G Suite has changed its name to Google Workspace with many changes and many changes in packages suitable for businesses. Currently, the Google capacity in the G Suite Basic package is 30GB, while the G Suite Business package is unlimited - this will very well meet the needs of securely storing business data! Sign up for a free trial of G Suite Here!

New Features Google Drive

What’s changing:

Google made some updates to the web interface of Google Drive. The features are unchanged, but some icons and tool buttons will be renewed, and in addition to a series of visual tweaks to suit Google's Latest Tangible Design Guidelines. Google built this new interface to create a good effect and efficient experience for Drive users, to connect with other G Suite applications, such as the recently updated version of Gmail.

Specifically, the changes include:

  • The top left logo is changed to the Google Drive logo.
  • If you add corporate logos entered, it will be displayed in the top right corner.
  • The Settings icon is moved to the same row as the search bar.
  • The Help Center icon moves to the same row as the search bar .
  • The background color of the website changes to white, not the gray color it used to be.
  • The “New” tool button is edited.
  • The font of the title changes.

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