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7 reasons businesses should choose Google Workspace application suite of Google

Industrial society 4.0, the era of information technology explosion and digital applications in all industries. Every day, people increasingly face complicated, in-depth workflows that require more detailed processing. Hence the birth of application suites such as Google Workspace customers Google has become a powerful tool to help businesses simplify work tasks, increase productivity and save costs.

Overview of Google's Google Workspace application suite

Google Workspace (formerly Google Apps for Work) is a suite of productivity tools built on Google's cloud computing platform, following the software-as-a-service (Saas - Software as a Service) model.

Google Workspace provides a suite of applications from communication, storage, collaboration to administration, with key applications such as Business Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Meet, Google Chat, Google Drive, Google Sites..., Google Workspace helps businesses and organizations improve work efficiency through document information sharing and collaboration. Collaborate internally as well as work more professionally with customers and external partners.

To meet diverse needs and suit the purposes of each business, the Google Workspace application suite is distributed by Google with 3 main packages: Google Workspace Basic, Google Workspace Business and Google Workspace Business. Google Workspace Enterprise. With each Google Workspace package, businesses will have costs optimized according to each business's investment and development goals. In addition, the launch of Google Workspace Essential for organizations and businesses with the most advanced functions to organize video meetings, support presentations in video conferences and collaborate on the same document. at the time.

Why businesses need Google Workspace for business activities

Most businesses, when deciding to invest in a set of tools to support operations and business, are interested in compatibility, ease of deployment within the business, and security must be a priority. Top. All is guaranteed with Google Workspace, businesses will own a set of tools that are completely refined and optimized.

1/ Familiar and easy-to-use interface

One of the benefits of using Google Workspace for business is that most employees are probably already familiar with using the personal Gmail interface and working with the Google Offices suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.). This makes the transition to Google Workspace extremely easy and ensures businesses don't have to waste time training employees on how to use new tools.

Besides, with the Google Workspace application suite, if you already have an active email account, Google will help you easily upgrade and convert old accounts to business Gmail quickly while still ensuring integrity. data.

Trends of working remotely
Trends of working remotely

2/ Collaborate on Google Workspace on all platforms and devices

The convenience that Google Workspace brings to company employees is to help ensure the ability to collaborate in real time with colleagues from anywhere and on any device, whether phone or computer. Tablet or PC, Laptop. The toolkit satisfies the need for remote working when force majeure situations arise such as natural disasters or epidemics.

3/ Continuous and durable operating time

When it comes to uptime, Google is one of the companies known for its reliability. Specifically, Google Workspace offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with uptime and customer availability of at least 99.9% at any given time. Because email is such an important part of every business, Google Workspace upgrades without scheduled downtime or maintenance. All of Google's data centers serving the Google Workspace suite of applications are built with redundant infrastructure.

Security training service
Security training service

4/ Ensure safety and security

Google Workspace is built on Google Cloud Platform. Data is kept safe with security and privacy mechanisms that meet the most stringent standards for a cloud computing system (ISO 27001, FISMA, SSAE 16/SAE 3402 Type II, SAS 70). It can be said that Google with its industry-leading knowledge and expertise is leading the “security-first mindset”, supported in each of their products including Google Workspace.

More specifically, working with Google Workspace, business data will be secured by a series of mechanisms such as:

Google Workspace admin: Gives administrators the ability to control how data is protected, view reports, and even control mobile devices. Google Workspace administrators can also disallow employees the ability to enable “less secure apps.”

Encryption (TLS): With transport layer security, Google Workspace provides email encryption while it's in transit from one account to another.

Certification, Testing and Evaluation: Google Workspace regularly undergoes a number of independent audits by third parties.

Guaranteed security

Data retention: With Vault for eDiscovery and archiving, Google Workspace provides the ability to retain, archive, search, and export business data whenever the business needs it.

Security: Google does not collect, scan, or use business data in Google Workspace services for advertising purposes. There are also no ads in any Google Workspace products.

Transparency: Google continuously provides transparency reports to inform consumers.

5/ Google Workspace helps improve work efficiency and increase connectivity in businesses

Google Workspace helps change the working culture in the company, the connection and interaction between members is enhanced through regular exchanges through communication channels such as chat on private groups (google chat), video calls ( google meet)... as well as real-time collaboration when working on Google office text documents (docs, sheets, slides...) It can be seen that each application in Google Workspace can become a network. Small social, suitable for each different user group. Even the intern team (Graduate trainee, Internship) has its own Google Group to share their experiences working in the company.

6/ Google Workspace supports data management and analysis

According to research, businesses that make decisions based on data analysis are often more successful than those that use less than half the data they own. That shows that businesses always need a set of tools that can convert data into graphs and charts quickly, intuitively, and easily to understand. With Google Workspace, analyzing data from sources is easier than ever through intuitive, vivid charts, and businesses can generalize trends to make timely, effective decisions. fruit.

7/ Expandable via API and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Workspace's openness for business (via Google APIs) and industry standards allow businesses to tie together parts of their administration systems in the cloud with predictable structure and costs . Google leads the way in cloud infrastructure (IaaS) with reliability, performance, price, and, importantly, resiliency.

With the goal of helping businesses transform their methods to become more and more flexible and professional, the Google Workspace application suite from Google has been trusted and chosen by more than 6 million businesses.

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