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Undo Send: Recall sent messages in Gmail

Have you ever been in this very familiar situation? Hardly spent an hour composing an email to send to customers and partners. Because of your carefulness, you also take the time to check each spelling and office of the email, but at the right time to press the "Send" button to send the letter, you are startled to realize that you have not attached the quote file. ! To avoid falling into this irony, perhaps the “Undo Send” feature is your savior.


Undo Send in Gmail – Recall sent messages

The Undo Send feature in Gmail is an extremely useful solution if you accidentally send it by mistake or want to add more email content. Once sent, you can recall the email if you find that the email content is missing or has some errors, even to the wrong recipient's address. This feature is especially useful and saves thousands of cases, especially when you have important transactions with customers and partners.


How to install Undo Send in Gmail

You can refer to the steps below to enable the "Undo Send" feature in Gmail.


Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account > Click   > Select Settings:


Undo Send: Recall sent messages in Gmail


Step 2: In the interface Settings > Select tab General > Undo Send:

In this step, you will choose

  • Enable Undo Send to enable email recall.
  • Send cancellation period: Is the amount of time you can recall an email after it's sent. For example: If you choose 10 seconds, after pressing send, you only have 10 seconds to realize your mistake and promptly press "Undo Send". Usually, users will choose the longest time period of 30 seconds to ensure safety.


Undo Send: Recall sent messages in Gmail


Step 3: Save the updated changes.

You scroll to the bottom of the page, press Save Changes To save changes:


Step 4: Check the activation

In this step, you send any email to the customer. When you click “Send” to send, on the Gmail interface, a message will appear: “Your message has been sent. Undo View messages“:

  • Click “Undo Send” if you want to revoke the email you just sent.
  • Click View message to review the email you just sent.


Undo Send: Recall sent messages in Gmail


Important note: If in the message above you click on View messages then the system will send that email to the customer and you will that email cannot be recovered.


Thus, all the above information will help you to recall any email sent within a certain period of time by clicking "Undo Send". The “Undo Send” button will only appear for the time period that you have configured. After that period of time, you will see an “Undo Send” button which means that you will no longer be able to revoke the email.

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