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Bản Tin G Suite Tháng 6/2020

Chat with people outside your domain with Google Chat

Starting May 26, you'll be able to start conversations in Google Chat (Formerly known as “Hangouts Chat”) with people outside your domain. You can do this by sending them a direct message or adding them to the room…

Google allows users to set to show or hide Google Meet in Gmail

Google previously announced the ability to start or join Meet in Gmail. Now Google gives users the option to hide those features…

Share folders in Shared Drives with new beta

Shared drives are a powerful way to help a team or organization store and collaborate on files. Up until now, all permissions were set at either the shared drive level or the individual file level, and it was not possible to share specific folders in a shared drive…

 The latest version of Google Groups is now available

Google offers new Google Groups – with an updated interface and more streamlined admin settings that make it easier for customers to create, manage, and use. The modern interface is similar to other G Suite apps, such as Gmail, and makes Groups more efficient for new and existing users. It is already available in beta…

Optimize Gmail layout with new quick settings Update from Google

Google added a quick settings menu that makes it easy to find and use different layouts, settings, and themes to make the Gmail interface better and more relevant…

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