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Bản tin G Suite Tháng 8/2020

Block apps from accessing G Suite data with app access control

Google đã ra mắt tính năng kiểm soát truy cập ứng dụng để giúp tất cả khách hàng G Suite và Cloud Identity kiểm soát quyền truy cập vào dữ liệu G Suite.

Google updates security settings in Admin Console G Suite

The latest updates Google has made make it easy to view and find important privacy settings that help keep your information safe.

Automatically share Calendar appointments when joining a Google Group

When a user joins a Google Group, they receive an email listing the shared calendars that they can access because of their membership in that group.

Google Calendar improves web-based event creation

Improvements to the event creation process in Google Calendar on the web. Now Google is adding more editable event fields directly in gmail

Google Sheets adds new chart text and number formatting options

Google is adding new features to help you customize the text and number of charts in Google Sheet for a better user experience.

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