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Bản tin G Suite Tháng 2/2020

Manage Windows 10 devices through the G Suite Admin console

Google is enabling enhanced security for Windows PCs. This will allow you to manage and secure your Windows 10 device by the admin console… See more

Use your phone as a security key in Advanced Protection Program

you can use your mobile phone as a security key for your business the built-in security key on your Android or iOS device for 2-step verification… See more

Use iPhone as security key for 2-step verification

Google added an option, to use your iPhone as the security key for your Google Account. Security Keys provide the strongest form of 2-step verification… See more

New system to improve data loss prevention (DLP) in Google Drive

Google giới thiệu một hệ thống ngăn ngừa mất dữ liệu (DLP) mới sẽ giúp triển khai các chính sách phát hiện nâng cao hơn cho nội dung trên Drive dễ dàng hơn… See more

Google App Maker will shut down on January 19, 2021

A sad announcement from Google. Due to low usage, Google App Maker will be shutting down gradually throughout 2020 and officially shutting down on January 19, 2021…. See more

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