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Google Newsletter September 2017

Introducing new features to help administrators and end users get the most out of the G Suite.

Google Newsletter September 2017 (1)

Icon Rolling out Drive File Stream to all G Suite users

Launched with early adopters, Drive File Stream is a desktop software application that allows you to quickly access all your documents, directly from your computer. Friend…

Icon Working together on Google Docs

Teamwork is always a part of it corporate culture in the digital age, where everyone has to manage thousands of different opinions and suggestions and collect them in one place. The last thing you need to worry about is getting everyone on the team working on the same document, literally…

Icon Easily create, delete, and change X.509 certificates using the same SAML application

SAML uses X.509 authentication to ensure the authenticity and integrity of information sent between the Identity Provider (IdP) and the Service Provider (SP). These are the certificates attached to your SAML application when you first install them through the Admin console…

Icon Manage major events better with Google Calendar

Organizing an event with a large number of participants is often very complicated. It's important that you know how to allocate the right resources for the event, know how many people will participate, and even check whether certain people, which is why…

Icon Data Loss Prevention – Prevent data loss – now available in Team Drive

Protecting all of your company's confidential data is paramount, no matter where it is stored. Google has released it Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Google Drive, giving G Suite Enterprise customers more control over how data is shared outside the company…

Note: Option server hosting How can businesses get the best security and support in this day and age?

Icon Link your site to a custom URL in the new version of Google Sites

As a professional organization, it is quite important that you post information, internal or external to your business, at a well-known URL. Already supported in legacy Google Sites, this feature is now…

Icon Anti-phishing safety check in Gmail app for iOS

Google has introduced the Anti-phishing feature for Gmail on iOS devices. From now on, when you click on a suspicious link in a Gmail message from your iPhone or iPad, Google will display a warning screen…

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