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How to use G Suite to accelerate work in the business

         In the past, the transition from manual - desk work to computer applications created a revolution in the way we solve work. It is a revolution that brings many benefits that people themselves did not think of before. Only a short time later, with the development of technology and the Internet, we can continue to move from the "on-premise" system to the cloud with cloud computing. With Google's G Suite, we have a similar opportunity to "revolutionize" daily tasks in businesses - faster, more convenient, more efficient and more productive. This article will help you better understand how the G Suite toolset drives your business spirit of collaboration solution page as well as the Speed up work progress & efficiency in business.  

1/ G Suite changes the way we create content and documents

According to Google's internal research, 76% the time businesses use Google Docs is to collaborate. What does this mean? Collaboration in Docs is accomplished through the following 5 behaviors:

  • Edit a text together

Of course not in the traditional way that you or your employees still do - create a document in Word/Excel > email it to a colleague > download the file > edit > save > continue sending and downloading and editing until the final version is completed. During this process, you and your team have probably created dozens of versions of the document. Google has completely changed the traditional way of working with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides - where you and everyone can edit, chat, comment,... at the same time, on the same interface, the content automatically On-the-fly and no need to email back and forth.

Not only that, if your customers or partners are still using traditional Office tools, G Suite (Google Workspace) also lets you edit, comment and use other features (such as Explorer). ) right up Microsoft files.

  • See what has been changed through the edit history

Because G Suite was built and developed from the beginning based on cloud computing technology, while working, all changes users make are saved in the edit history - "Version history" . To view this section, you can go to File > Version history or quickly click on the words “All changes saved in Drive” above the toolbar.

How to apply G Suite to speed up work progress in businesses 1

After clicking here, you will see all the detailed information recorded: at what time, who edited what content.

Recently, Google has developed a new feature to better support users: Now, when using Google Sheets, you can already xme Edit history in each specific cell.  

  • Send and receive feedback

Feedback from colleagues/customers: Commenting in G Suite is more than just a feature. This is also a way for everyone to share their thoughts and comments with each other, thereby working together to come up with the best solution. 

Most recently, Google launched an extremely interesting feature – Dynamic Email. Thanks to the integration of commenting features on Docs, Sheets, Slides with Gmail, you can easily resolve comments directly on the inbox interface, without having to open a new tab. 

How to apply G Suite to speed up work progress in businesses 2

  • Assign and complete tasks

Thanks to the comment and tag feature, you can easily assign a specific task to any member of the team. After completing the task, they can click “Resolve” to report that the task has been processed.

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), G Suite also helps collaboration between inside and outside the business much faster than other tools. For example, AI in Docs can detect tasks and suggest who to assign those tasks to. Therefore, you will not need to waste time composing emails and assigning tasks in the traditional way.

  • Confidently share documents

When you're ready to share documents, built-in features in G Suite will help you control access to these files, whether they are colleagues, customers or partners. You can consult Instructions for restricting access to Google Drive. You can even set an “expiration date” to access your documents. For example: For the file "July Debt", you only allow others to view it until the end of July. After this time, even if there is an access link, they will no longer be able to view the content. 

2/ Communicate and exchange information effectively

When communicating and exchanging information, each person will have their own means that they find effective – for example, email, chat, face-to-face meetings (whether in person in the office or via video call). ).

  • Gmail

No matter how many tools are built and developed, email is always an indispensable solution for every business. That is also the reason why more than 5 million companies around the world trust and choose Gmail. Once again, with great help from AI, you can complete a lot of tasks in the most efficient way, not just sending and receiving mail. Reference 7 important features of Gmail that you may not know.

If you are also using email, but the solution you are using often has headaches due to spam and virus problems, learn how to Google protects users from spam.

  • Hangouts Chat

In addition to email, chat is the fastest, most convenient and comfortable way for people to exchange information with each other. Thanks to Hangouts Chat built with virtual chat rooms, designed specifically for projects... users can easily chat, track work progress as well as update the status of assigned tasks.

Why should you and your colleagues use Hangouts Chat instead of other applications like Skype, Zalo,...? Because Hangouts Chat is integrated with all other G Suite applications such as Drive, Calendar, Gmail, etc., you can perform many operations right on the Chat interface, instead of having to move back and forth between apps. tabs and applications. Not to mention more than 25 Bots applying artificial intelligence, in all fields (finance, HR, CRM, project management,...) your work will definitely be implemented much faster.

  • Hangouts Meet

Face-to-face meetings: When it comes to communication and collaboration, there is absolutely nothing more effective than meeting face-to-face. That's why Hangouts Meet is always used by businesses as an effective video conferencing tool. (Surely you have many other options, but for important meetings that encounter geographical barriers, do you make an appointment with your partner via Facetime, Video call or Skype?). 

In addition, with the latest updated version, businesses can organize online meetings allowing up to 250 participants to participate, or livestream up to 100,000 people.

When it comes to cloud computing, not all applications are capable of providing the same collaboration and teamwork experience. With G Suite, Google has moved forward with a very specific vision: helping businesses "reimagine" the way we get work done with the help of technology - a flexible, smart and..."in the cloud" application. If you don't use G Suite yet, you can test these apps for free right on your personal Gmail account. Surely once you use Google's technology, you will find all other collaboration applications become... "inadequate". 

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