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Google Newsletter March 2018

Teamwork has always played an important role in contributing to the success of each project, and to best support the collaboration of each team and group in the enterprise, Google has made Hangouts Chat a main application in G Suite service pack. With the latest updates, users can quickly collaborate with colleagues and partners, securely and conveniently.

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Icon Teamwork faster and smarter with G Suite

Compared to 30 years ago, today's working environment has changed a lot, now the human resource team of a company can be more diverse and gather many people in more places. Therefore, businesses need tools to help employees make faster decisions, collaborate more easily to create a corporate culture in the digital era while ensuring business performance…

Icon Hangouts Chat – Speed up projects without going anywhere

Based on chat on group conversations, Chat helps teams collaborate easier and more efficiently. With virtual chat rooms dedicated to each project – along with “threaded” conversations – Chat makes it easier to track project progress…

Icon Send emails to Team Drive members

Team Drive makes it simpler to store, find, and access documents, especially as team members change over time. To improve collaboration in Team Drive, Google has added the ability to send email to everyone in a Team Drive….

Icon More ways to comment on Microsoft documents in Google Drive

Google Drive makes it easier to save and share documents in the cloud, so you can collaborate with colleagues and customers anywhere, securely. Now you can comment directly on a variety of files, including Microsoft Office files, PDFs or images – without having to convert them to Docs, Sheets, Slides and more.

Icon Improved Google Docs edit menu bars

Dựa trên dữ liệu sử dụng và những phản hồi từ người dùng, Google đã có một số thay đổi trên các thanh menu của chức năng chỉnh sửa trong Google Docs. Chúng giống với những thay đổi Google đã thực hiện trong tháng 12 và tháng 1, giúp người dùng tìm kiếm một số mục dễ dàng hơn….

Icon Google Vault for Hangouts Chat

As part of an effort to help businesses collaborate more efficiently and securely, Google is introducing the support of Google Vault for Hangouts Chat. Here are some admin-specific support features to get you started….

Icon New settings for Drive File Stream deployments

Drive File Stream allows you to stream files from the cloud directly to your computer and select files to stay offline. Based on your feedback, Google has added several features to Drive File Stream to assist you….

Icon Manage app runtime permissions on Android devices with Google Mobile Management

With this update, Google has made it possible for G Suite admins to manage the access permissions Android apps require during runtime (as opposed to installation time)…

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