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Google Workspace Newsletter June 2023

Expanded actions in the Admin console space management tool

Recently, Google announced a dedicated tool in the Admin console for managing spaces in Google Chat. To further enhance the tool’s functionality, they’re giving admins the ability to:... See more


Simplify workflows in Google Docs with variable chips

Earlier this year, we shared innovations in smart canvas that help you simplify workflows and complete common tasks with easy-to-use prompts in Google Docs... See more


Collaborate with others on Google Calendar invites in Google Docs

Following Google's most recent innovations in smart canvas with custom building blocks and collapsible headers Google Docs, Google is adding a building block that lets you collaborate with others to draft calendar invitations… See more


Complete data-driven tasks faster with new smart chip data extraction in Google Sheets

In continuing our efforts to help you deliver more with smart canvas, we recently introduced additional smart chip functionality in Google Sheets... See more


Bringing pooled storage and shared drives to Business Starter

We're updating the storage model in Business Starter from per-user storage to pooled storage. Pooled storage provides a simpler and more flexible way to manage memory, as all… See more


Turn access to Bard on or off for your users

Earlier this year, Google announced Bard, an early experiment by Google that lets you collaborate with generative AI. As a creative and helpful collaborator, Bard can supercharge your imagination, boost your productivity, and help you bring your ideas to life. See more


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