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Google Workspace Newsletter March 2023

Expanding noise cancellation in Google Meet to more devices

To limit distractions during meetings, Google Meet offers noise cancellation to filter out background noises such as a closing door or the sounds of a nearby construction site. Beginning today, noise cancellation is:... See more

All newly created spaces in Google Chat will be in-line threaded beginning March 13, 2023

As previously announced, Google is streamlining the way you organize conversations in Google Chat. Starting March 13, 2023, all newly created spaces in Google Chat will be in-line threaded... See more

Introducing new smart canvas features in Google Sheets and Google Docs

As Google continues to innovate with smart canvas, it's introducing even more smart chips and a new way to display the date on Google Sheets,… See more

Control the visibility of warning banners in Gmail with a new admin control

Google is giving admins more control over whether warning banners for incoming email messages are displayed for their end users. Specifically, admins can chose to disable spam filters and hide warning banners for:... See more

Improving the Google Contact management experience

Previously, visiting was the only way to edit or add a Google Contact. Today, Google is introducing a new feature available in the Contacts... See more

Include captions with a Google Meet video recording

If you’re using captions in Google Meet, you now have the option to include those captions in a meeting recording. Including captions in your meeting recordings can help make them more useful and accessible for meeting participants... See more

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