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Featured Apps: Basic Device Manager brings basic tracking to all computers:

With this launch, all desktop devices signed into G Suite will have basic device management by default…. See more


Instantly create new documents, events, spreadsheets, and more from your browser:

You can quickly create new files directly from your browser with the .new domains of some Google products… See more


Live captions in Hangouts Meet are now available on iOS:

Support for live captions on Hangouts Meet was announced for web and Android earlier this year. We are now bringing similar caption support to the iOS Meet app… See more


Create rules to automate actions and alerts through the security center:

We've added a new kind of rule to security center will help G Suite administrators and analysts automate security management tasks and improve their organization's security actions…. See more


Add a comment and save the filter view in the alert center:

We are working on some updates for alert center for G Suite. Administrators with alert center privileges can now… See more


Make sure to Google Vault all emails in your domain:

To ensure that copies of all messages sent or received in your domain are stored in users' Gmail inboxes, you should Comprehensive mail archiving setup in the admin console…. See more


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