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Admin can now view and edit the user's recovery information

The G suite admin can now view and edit a user's recovery information, such as recovery email address information and phone number…See more


See when someone is away in Gmail and Hangouts Chat

Now, when you have an out of the office job in your calendar, a notification about it will appear in Gmail and Hangouts Chat when people try to contact you… See more


Create a beta version shortcut in Drive

We're offering a new beta that allows users to create shortcuts in Drive, making it easier to reference and organize data and folders… See more


Additional tools for advanced reporting in Google Sheets

We've added three new tools to help you create more compelling reports and display data better in Google Sheets… See more


Security Center Improvements: Gmail content, saved surveys, and more

We make it easier to assess and manage threats and improve your security by using G Suite security center… See more


Protect your organization with a new feature – the Alert Center

We are working on some updates on alert center for G Suite. New features will make it easier to find, collaborate… See more


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