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G Suite Newsletter September 2018

To help users quickly complete work and use G Suite in the simplest way, Google has added a quick access panel on the interface of Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. Here, users Users can access Google Keeps, Tasks, etc., without opening a new window or leaving the interface you are working on. In addition, Google also updated a number of new features on Gmail to help admins easily protect users when they see unusual signs happening to their accounts.

G Suite Newsletter September 2018 (1)

Icon Quick Access Panel: Be more productive with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar

Google added a quick-side panel to the right of the Docs and Google Calendar editing interfaces. The quick access panel helps you quickly access other G Suite apps without having to open a new tab or leave the interface you're working in…. See more

Icon Activitiy Dashboard: A Google Docs dashboard for all versions of G Suite

Google is making the Activity dashboard feature available – Activity dashboards and dashboards – to G Suite users of all versions. Previously, G Suite Basic users could not access the full functionality of this table.... See more

Icon Hangouts Chat: Use emojis

You can now use emojis to reply to any Hangouts chat message. Emojis allow you to react quickly and creatively to any message to show support, humor or empathy. For example, you can use them to celebrate good news, acknowledge requests, take quick polls, and more.... See more

Icon New Google Sites: Quickly create more engaging websites with section layouts

Google is adding sectional layouts to the new Google Sites. You can use these layouts to quickly design web pages or sections of pages on Google Sites. With this feature, you can create professional website more easily and quickly…. See more

Icon New Google Sites: Easily Add Buttons to Improve Links

Google is making it easy to add buttons to new Google Sites. These are programmed designs that can direct users to other content within your site, or to an external URL, with a single click. Users tend to…. See more

Icon Turn off conversation view in Gmail on mobile devices

In Gmail, Email replies are grouped together in the form of "conversations" so that users can easily understand, categorize, and track what is exchanged. However, some users prefer to see each email listed separately in the inbox…. See more

Icon Report in G Suite admin: Show new information about user account security

Google is adding new tools to help admins identify suspicious activity and see the impact of privacy policy changes. Admin G Suite has an important role to play in protecting user accounts and ensuring the security of their business…. See more

Icon Google Calendar: display detailed information & automatically free up the meeting room

Google wants to help businesses make the most of their space. To do that, Google will consolidate all the features related to building and resource management in one place in the admin console. Google also introduced two new tools: Room release – freeing up the meeting room and Room insight – detailed information about the meeting room… See more

Icon G Suite: Email Sent Rate Information to Gmail

A malicious attack or misconfiguration can cause an unusually high percentage of emails being delivered to a user's mailbox. To protect users in the business, Gmail tracks this incoming email rate and when it reaches a certain email receiving limit… See more


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