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Google Workspace Newsletter – Jul 2021

Google Meet: improve and change some features in livestreams

The Livestream feature in Google Meet is now updated with some new features to help increase the user experience more than before!.. See more. 



Auto-suggest Group Chats based on your Google Calendar

Google Chat will now automatically suggest group chats based on the tasks you already have on Google Calendar to further assist you in your work.. See more



Google Sites: design a website template according to your style

In addition to the templates available on Google Sites, you can design custom templates to suit your needs.. See more



Admin console: updated interface to be more user-friendly and easy to use

The new interface of the Admin Console brings a more user-friendly and easy-to-use experience for system administrators on Google Workspace… See more


Google Meet: New feature reduces background noise when meeting online

Google Meet adds background noise reduction to help you focus and improve meeting quality when you're working remotely.. See more


Google Chat: make your workspace richer

Google Chat makes your workspace more welcoming and rich to get things done faster and more efficiently.. See more





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