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Google Workspace Newsletter February 2023

Quickly refine search results in Google Chat with search chips

We’re expanding an existing mobile feature to the web that helps you find exactly what you’re looking for much faster using search chips that filter your search results.See more

More filter effects available for Google Meet

Google Workspace users can now access a variety of new filter effects on Google Meet on the web and mobile. These filters, such as loghead, strawberry, and working bunny, can help bring an element of fun to meetings. The effects can be found in the effects panel and can be added before or during a call.See more

Client-side encryption for Gmail available in beta

We're expanding customer access to client-side encryption in Gmail on the web. Customers of Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and Education Standard are eligible for beta trial registration until January 20, 2023... See more

Google Expanded language support for captions and translated captions in Google Meet

In January 2022, we announced the general availability of translated captions in Google Meet. Translated captions provide real-time translations of the speaker's language, helping to make meetings more inclusive and collaborative for meeting participants. See more

Google Easily format and display code in Google Docs

Currently, while working in Google Docs, collaborators who want to present code must paste it into the document and then apply styles manually using syntax highlighting… See more

Google Create drop-down chips in Google Sheets

Today, we will add dropdown blocks in Google Sheets. This is the latest smart canvas feature highlighting the next step in collaboration for Google Workspace… See more

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