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Google Workspace Newsletter September 2023

Track the carbon footprint associated with the usage of Google Workspace across your organization

If you are a Google Workspace admin, you can now track your carbon footprint and total emissions when using Google Workspace…See more

Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise add-on is now generally available

From the beginning, Google Workspace was built to enable users to collaborate in real time with others. And with the launch of Duet AI,… See more

Introducing Workday app for Google Chat

Google is adding a new Workday app for Google Chat , allowing users to take quick actions in Workday, such as… See more

Google Chat shows message views in Spaces

In June, Google introduced read receipts in group direct messages so users could quickly determine whether other group members had read their latest message in a Google Chat stream. Not yet… See more

Gmail enhances security against sensitive actions

Last year, Google showed stronger safeguards around sensitive actions taken in a user's Google Workspace account. Google is extending these protections to actions… See more

View Speaker Notes when presenting Google Slides in Google Meet

Earlier this year, Google added a new feature that allows multiple people present a Google Slides  in Meet. Starting from today,… See more

Google Slides allows adding captions to your presentations

Google is introducing a feature that allows users to highlight or emphasize key content when presenting in Google Slides. With the new pen tool, users can… See more

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