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Google Workspace Newsletter October 2020

Introducing Google Workspace and a new suite of products to better meet your needs

Google is excited to announce that G Suite is now Google Workspace: everything you need to get things done, all in one place…. See more


Google Chat lets you mark read with direct messages

On October 5, you'll be able to see when your Google Chat direct messages have been viewed on Android, iOS, and the web… See more


Google workspace allows to filter audit logs and usage reports by group

When you add a new or existing group to the whitelist, you can filter to see the events in the logs or usage reports by that particular group… See more


Automatically delete documents in Trash of Google Drive from October 13, 2020

Any files placed in the Google Drive trash are automatically deleted after 30 days. Previously, items moved to the trash will be kept… See more


Google Meet lets you blur the background around you in a meeting

You can now blur the background of your video in Google Meet. Meet will intelligently separate you from the background, blurring your surroundings… See more


Google Meet allows up to 49 people to be seen in the meeting

Google meet added the ability to see yourself on a tile in a meeting now you'll see the option to add or remove yourself from the layout… See more


Google Workspace allows sharing of folders in the share drive

Shared drive empowers teams and organizations to store, access, and collaborate on files. You can share a folder with other users… See more


Google Sheets: New features to improve and analyze data

Google is launching Smart Cleanup on Sheets, which makes it easier to prepare and analyze data in Google Sheets… See more




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