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Bản tin G Suite Tháng 11/2018

Trong tháng này, Google đã triển khai các cập nhật liên quan đến G Suite Alert Center – Trung tâm cảnh báo G Suite (Workspace). Google sẽ gửi các thông báo mặc định tới bạn nếu hãng nghi ngờ những người dùng trong doanh nghiệp của bạn đang rơi vào tầm ngắm của các cuộc tấn công do chính phủ hậu thuẫn. Ngoài ra, vai trò mới trong Team Drives – Content manager đã được giới thiệu cùng với một số thay đổi liên quan đến các tên gọi trong đó.

Bản tin G Suite Tháng 11/2018 (2)

Icon Compose Action: Smart Compose feature on Gmail add-on

Compose Action makes it easy to add attachments, references, or make the information you send come alive. You can do this using third-party add-ons right from the very beginning of your Gmail draft…. See more

Icon Hangouts Meet add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Google has built a Hangouts Meet add-in for Microsoft Outlook to make it possible for Outlook users to schedule online meetings with Meet. This add-in allows you to create video meetings with Meet through the events or email section of Outlook…. See more

Icon People who don't use Google Calendar will always receive email updates

To ensure that all event attendees can always stay informed about the event, Google has changed the way Google Calendar communicates with users: Those invited to the event do not use Google. Calendar can still update changes…. See more

Icon Gmail on iOS: View emails from multiple accounts at once

You can view email from multiple accounts on the Gmail iOS app, whether it's a work account or a personal account, whether you use G Suite or not (even if you use an IMAP account). )..... See more

Icon Google Docs & Slides: Easily insert images and charts from other documents

With this update, G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise users will be able to view images and charts from those files – right in the Explore panel – and easily and quickly insert them into Docs/Slides files without you are creating… See more

Icon Vertical Ruler: Better Table Editing with Google Docs Vertical Ruler

Để đáp những phản hồi của người dùng, Google đã thêm vertical ruler (thước dọc) trong Google Docs phiên bản Web để giúp bạn dễ dàng ăn chỉnh bảng và lề trong header – footer….. See more

Icon New look of Activity dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets & Slides

Google is updating the look and feel of the Activity Dashboard in Google Docs (Activity Dashboard in the Google Docs editor). The available options and settings won't change, but Google hopes the new interface makes it easier to find data and collaborate more efficiently…. See more

Icon Team Drive: Appears a new role – Content manager (same transition)

In September, Google informed you about a new role – Content manager – that will soon appear in Team Drives. In addition, Google has also provided an option for users to switch their roles, thereby helping businesses take full advantage of the new role functionality… See more

Icon G Suite Alert Center is widely deployed for security

Alert Center – G Suite alert center is being widely deployed by Google to users.. Alert Center provides a comprehensive, unified view of notifications, alerts, and security-related activities. Confidentiality throughout G Suite… See more

Icon G Suite: Default warning for government-backed attacks

From October 10, 2018, Google will enable G Suite admins to receive alerts if they believe their users are being targeted by government-backed attacks… See more

Icon Google prompt: Get authentication request on all your phones

Instead of using a 2-Step Verification code to sign in to your G Suite account, you can tap the prompt – the prompt that Google sends to your phone. This prompt is an easier and more secure way to authenticate accounts, while respecting mobility policies enforced on employee devices using G Suite… See more


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