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G Suite Newsletter July 2020

Google enhances 2-step security by showing phone prompts to multiple users

Starting July 7, 2020, Google enhances 2-step security by showing phone prompts to many users…

Google allows editing of Calendar events directly on Gmail and Docs

You can now edit Google Calendar events directly in Gmail and Docs, without having to visit the Calendar page in your browser..

G Suite Admin Dashboard Improvements

Google has updated the interface for the G Suite admin dashboard in a logical, more complete way to make it easier for G Suite admins to manage the system…

Google requires the G Suite app on phones and computers to be updated by August 12, 2020 to ensure it continues to work

Google has made upgrades to its API and service infrastructure, so it's possible that some older versions of apps will stop working on 12/8/2020…

Google Chat replaces the old Hangouts Chat already available in Gmail

You can now move all users in your system from the old Hangouts to the new Google Chat with the Google Chat online preference setting…

Google Meet adds noise filtering outside the meeting

Google Meet can now intelligently filter out noise to remove noise from your audio mic while still allowing your voice to pass through…

Currents officially available as a replacement for Google+ on July 6, 2020

After Google+ is officially removed from the G Suite, on July 6, 2020, the Currents application will officially launch to replace Google+…

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