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Google Workspace Newsletter June 2022

Easily manage storage related activity and policies through new storage management tools in the Admin console

We’re rolling out new storage management tools to give our customers additional visibility, control, and insights... See more

Admins can now specify how individual Android apps update within the Admin console

Quản trị viên của Google Workspace customers hiện có thể chỉ định hình thức ứng dụng Android cập nhật, giúp họ kiểm soát tốt hơn cách các ứng dụng Android triển khai trong nhóm của họ… See more

Refreshed ASUS Google Meet Hardware kits available now

Asus have refreshed their Google Meet hardware kits to give you powerful, easy to deploy solutions suited for hybrid work... See more

Improved Admin experience for moving folders from My Drive to shared drives

Previously announced in beta, several improvements for moving folders from My Drive to shared drives are now generally available for admins and delegated admins. These improvements include:... See more

Intelligent corrections for formulas in Google Sheets

Last year, Google launched formula suggestions in Sheets, which recommend formulas for specific cells based on the data you are analyzing... See more

Build custom, integrated solutions across Google Workspace with the new AppSheet Apps Script connector

Google are introducing a new AppSheet and Apps Script connector which allows you to extend custom, no-code apps to integrate and automate workflows across Google Workspace... See more

Join a Google Meet call from Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides

You can now join a Google Meet call from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. In addition to the present to Meet option, you can select “Join the call” to... See more

Additional improvements for Google Meet

Google are introducing two improvements for Google Meet:... See more

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