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G Suite Newsletter July 2018

In this update and renewal, Google has announced plans to expand the Hangouts Meet ecosystem with a lot of integrations to help businesses easily organize online meetings (video calls) with customers. , partners no matter what solution they are using (Skype for Business, Cisco, ...). In addition, Google Groups security settings are also recommended by Google to ensure highly effective business-to-party collaboration without sacrificing security.

G Suite Newsletter July 2018 (1)

Icon Drive collaboration with new integrations from G suite

The average employee will use 36 cloud services at work to collaborate or share data – more hours in a day! With this number, it is important for businesses to choose "open", modern tools for employees to work easily and G Suite is the perfect solution... See more

Icon Google expands the Hangouts Meet ecosystem

Google introduces seamless compatibility between Hangouts Meet and other video conferencing systems such as Skype for Business, Polycom, and Cisco, as well as plans to expand the Hangouts Meet ecosystem… See more

Icon Manage your work and personal schedule better with Google Calendar

Whether you're on vacation or simply out of work, Google Calendar can help protect your schedule and help you better organize your work… See more

Icon Google Docs: Save time searching with new features

Google is building Quick Access and natural language search capabilities in Google Docs to make this feature accessible to more G Suite users… See more

Icon Google Slides: Improve page layout with size & position panel

Google has added new panels to adjust the size and position of shapes, images, text boxes, and more in Google Slides…. See more

Icon Gmail on iOS: Show notifications only for high-priority emails

Google introduces a new feature for Gmail on iOS: send notifications only when important emails arrive in your inbox, so you know when you really need to look…. See more

Icon New Google login interface

Google regularly updates its G Suite apps based on Material guidelines. Next week, Google will bring a similar design to the Google login screen…See more

Icon Google Vault: New settings for Hangouts Meet and Drive, improved search & extraction

Google introduces new features in Google Vault allows for more granular data storage and a more transparent search experience. These features help to retain exactly the data you need and by doing so you can reduce the risk of being liable for such data…. See more

Icon Google Forms: Use decorative themes to make your brand stand out

To help Google Forms users create more personalized surveys, forms, and polls, Google has introduced new theme customization options... See more

Icon Google Tasks will become a core application of G Suite

Earlier this year, Google introduced a brand new version of Tasks into its G Suite service plan. Tasks is a place where you can keep track of your daily tasks, organize a variety of lists and check important deadlines using a mobile or web app… See more

Icon Gmail routing: Old routing settings will be automatically converted

In January 2017, Google announced some changes to Gmail rougting – routing settings in the Admin Console. For some technical reasons, these changes have been delayed from the original plan and are now rolling out in June 2018……. See more

Icon New Gmail Migration Schedule

Recently, Google introduced a new Gmail interface, with new features like Gmail offline and nudging - a feature that reminds users to deal with emails. To prepare you and your business for the launch of the service to everyone – General Availability, Google has provided more details on this timetable……. See more

Icon Google Groups: Enhance security by resetting profiles

Starting from creating group mailing lists to support, discuss and handle internal affairs, many businesses have used Google Groups to connect and collaborate with each other right at work. But as with any social communication tool, it is important that your installation strike a balance between information sharing and information security……. See more

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