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Google G Suite Newsletter 04/2019

IconDynamic email on Gmail (beta)

We've just rolled out a beta for dynamic email on Gmail. Dynamic mail allows email senders to embed AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) themselves into messages... See more 


IconEnable new Google Drive / Microsoft Outlook integration, disable legacy plugin mode

Google is updating Drive File Stream to replace the function of "Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office". As a result, the old plugin will be decommissioned on June 26, 2019…See more 


IconRecurring Calendar meetings will be migrated to Hangouts Meet

As part of the transition from Hangouts to Hangouts Meet that we announced last year, from now on, we will begin to move conferences…See more


IconDelete your chat history on Hangouts Chat

You can now delete your chat history 1:1 direct messages on Hangouts Chat. These deletes apply to 1:1 conversations between classic Hangouts…See more


IconWork smarter with the new Priority page on Drive

We're introducing the Priority page in Drive as a new way to help you stay focused and get things done. This page will help you access the files you need through a combination of…See more


Icon“New Drive File Suggestions on Chrome” Feature Launches Beta

We have launched a beta program for a new feature. This feature allows users to search for Google Drive files they have access to when…See more


IconChanges to the way topics are grouped in Gmail conversation view

We're rolling out some changes to how Gmail handles messages when you turn on conversation view. Previously, Gmail would chain messages together…See more


IconAct faster with custom swipe actions in Gmail on iOS

You can now set up swipe actions in Gmail on iOS to perform any of the following: Archive, Trash, Mark as read/unread…See more


IconNew 2-step authentication option for G Suite accounts

We have updated the way 2-Step Verification works. This will create new ways to perform 2-Step Verification available on some devices as well…See more


IconUpdate plan and resources for upcoming changes to Groups customizations

Based on the feedback on the previous announcement, Changes to Google Groups settings starting May 6, 2019, Google is making changes…See more


IconSimplify Google Group Management in the Admin Console

We've made administrating Google Groups simpler at the G Suite Admin console. The changes include…See more


IconKeep data secure with Gmail confidential mode (beta)

We've opened a beta program for Gmail's confidential mode. With this security mode, it will be easier to protect sensitive content in email…See more



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