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Google Workspace Newsletter December 2022

Save time by adding in grading category information before exporting Google Assignments in Google Classroom

For teachers who export grades from Google Classroom to their student information system (SIS), it is important to ensure that all data flows seamlessly…. See more

Custom emojis coming to Chat

Emojis are a great way for people to express themselves in Google Chat. We're excited to announce that we're making emojis even more expressive and personalized by allowing people to create custom emojis. Everyone in an organization can view and use custom emojis uploaded by their colleagues in Chat messages and reactions... See more

Stronger Admin console protection with risk-based re-authentication challenges

In August 2022, we announced strengthened safeguards for sensitive actions taken in your Google Workspace end users accounts... See more

Use built-in mail merge tags like @firstname to personalize multi-send emails

Recently, we made it easier to send individual emails to many recipients with the launch of See more

Improving the Google Chat and Gmail search experience on web and mobile

In order to help you find more accurate and customized search suggestions and results, we’re introducing three features that improve the Google Chat and Gmail search experience on web and mobile: See more

Present Google Slides directly in Google Meet

Many Google Meet users share content on their screen during meetings, and we know it’s important for presenters to actively interact with their audience... See more

Conversation summaries in Google Chat help you stay on top of messages in Spaces

At I/O in May 2022, we announced conversation summaries in Google Chat on web. Starting today, you will see summaries that provide a helpful digest of conversations in a space... See more

Hold separate conversations in Google Chat spaces with in-line threading

In addition to recently increasing the number of members you can add to a space in Google Chat from 400 to 8,000, you can now reply directly to any message... See more

Expanding smart chips to include events in Google Sheets

In addition to the recent announcement of adding files to Google Sheets using smart chips, we're also making it easier for you to quickly insert Calendar events into Sheets... See more

Improve your visibility in Google Meet video calls

Depending on their camera placement, some meeting participants might be less visible than others. Google Meet can now automatically frame your video before joining a meeting to help ensure equal visibility for all participants... See more

Transcribe speech during Google Meet calls into a Google Doc

You can now transcribe a Google Meet video meeting into a Google Doc. The transcribed file is saved in the hosts “Meet Recordings” folder in Google Drive... See more

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