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Google G Suite Newsletter March 2019

In March, Google launched many new features to help businesses easily manage and protect their data. By Endpoint Verification, admins will be able to determine whether these devices have access to common data or not. Besides, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides are also updated with many features to help correct grammar errors or BigQuery applications so users can quickly complete their work.

Google G Suite Newsletter March 2019 (1)

Icon Improve spelling and grammar in Google Docs

Earlier this year, Google introduced a beta for new grammar suggestions in Google Docs. Currently Google has provided this feature to G Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise users.

Icon Google Docs: Manage Workflows & Automate Processes with New APIs

With the new Docs API, there are many ways to build better support services for your business and improve workflows. For documents that require consistency, cooperation and accuracy.

Icon Gmail: Easily handle incoming mail by right-clicking on emails

Google has added more options through the right-click context menu in Gmail.

Icon G Suite: Easily enter the locations of buildings into the Admin console

You can also enter addresses instead of coordinates (latitude and longitude), to locate your office in the Admin console. This is a much more efficient and reliable way for you, as a G Suite Admin, to be able to manage international office locations.

Icon Google Drive: Smart Search & Quick Access Bar

We’re making Enterprise improvements to the Google Drive search box on desktop available to all G Suite Editions.

Icon Google Docs, Sheets, Slides: Easier Access Features

Now, users can easily explore accessibility features such as: User screen support, Braille support, screen zoom support in Docs, Sheets, Slides.

Icon Google Sites: Instructions for inserting a table of contents into your website

When you add a table of contents to your website, you make it easier for users to navigate to more text-heavy sections of information (like FAQs, documents, or wikis).

Icon Update BigQuery data in Sheets with App Scripts and Macros

Recently, Google launched the BigQuery data connector feature. You can now use tools like App Script and Macro recorder in Sheets.

Icon Change the settings of each conversation in Hangouts classic on Android

Google has moved Hangouts classic notification settings (the classic version of Hangouts is being integrated into the Gmail interface) to notification channels on O+Android devices.

Icon Easily copy your Gmail holds to Hangouts Chat in Google Vault

Before April 16, 2019, you need to copy any existing Hold commands in Mail (that apply to messages in Hangouts classic) and apply them to Hangouts Chat in Google Vault.

Icon Whitelist of trusted apps exclusively for your business

To give users greater control over the account data they share with each app, Google is changing the way we let apps access our information.

Icon G Suite: Manage Android Apps Using Basic Phone Manager

You can now manage Andoid apps for your users using Basic Mobile Management.

Icon G Suite: Control access to enterprise data on Chrome, Mac, Windows

Google is giving admins more control over how devices perform endpoint verification and how it affects access to business data on Google Cloud.

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