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Google G Suite Newsletter 02/2019

In February 2019, Google added some extremely useful features to Google Sheets to help users easily analyze information and make faster decisions: You will now be able to easily connect data from BigQuery to Sheets or chart formats with smarter color choices. In addition, Google has also updated the pricing policy for the Basic and Business versions of G Suite service packages starting from April 2019.


G Suite Google Newsletter


Icon Analyze Big Data with BigQuery and Google Sheets

Google has connected Sheets and BigQuery to make it easier to analyze and share data. The BigQuery data binding suite will help you collaborate with colleagues and partners on the familiar spreadsheet interface… See more


Icon Embed Google+ search in new Google Sites

You can now embed a stream of posts from Google+ search into the new version of Google Sites. This search feature can contain simple or advanced keywords… See more


Icon New interface for Gmail mobile app

Google will also bring a new message related to the new Gmail interface on phones, you can quickly view attachments without spending much effort… See more


Icon Gmail: New email composing format and download options

Google added 3 new features to Gmail: Shortcut to undo/redo in compose window. Shortcut to strike through text… See more


Icon New interface design for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites on the Web

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites will have a new interface and bring a new feeling to users when they use these applications on the web. The feature will not change, but users will notice some design changes as follows… See more


Icon Embedding files from Google Drawings into Google Docs

You can now insert images from Google Drawings (stored in Drive) into Google Docs, as well as update the contents of these shapes if they are linked to the original file. Once the original image is updated, you will see an “Update” button appear in the upper right corner of the image… See more


Icon Google Calendar 2019: Added new language & compatible with Microsoft Exchange

Google has expanded the language system so that you can easily choose when you want to create a Calendar template in Google Sheets. These new language options include… See more


Icon Google Sheets: How to use a distinct color in a chart

Now, when you work with a chart in Sheets, you can highlight an element in that chart (for example, a column, point, or line in the corresponding chart format) with a unique color, instead of all the columns in the chart having the same color… See more


Icon Updated roadmap for classic and new Google Sites

Google will build new Google Sites with many features specifically for businesses (including features from traditional Google Sites)… See more


Icon Dedicated IP address for Hangouts Meets

Google is adding a pool of official, permanent, IP addresses for Hangouts Classtic and Hangouts Meet for businesses that use G Suite. This means that you can identify video call traffic in G Suite… See more


Icon Unify Hangouts services for all G Suite customers

As announced in 2017, Hangouts Cha and Hangouts Meet are the next generation of Hangouts, focused on helping teams communicate and work together. Later this year, Google will transition G Suite users from traditional Hangouts to Chat and Meet… See more


Icon Google adds to the Admin Console two new tools for Hangouts Meet

Google is rolling out two new features in the Admin console to make it easier for G Suite admins to understand and manage the use of Hangouts Meet in their business. Specifically, Google has added: Mee Quality Assessment Tool: This tool brings… See more


Icon G Suite: Improved alert center with new alerts & controls

Google has made some improvements to the G Suite alert center. These improvements include: Multiple warnings about possible Gmail phishing (phishing) New warnings when preparing to extract data New option to remove warnings… See more


Icon G Suite Contacts Migration Settings in the Admin Console

Google is making a change to where Contacts settings are stored in the Admin console in G Suite, moving from the apps screen to the Contacts section of the main menu… See more


Icon Google updates new pricing policy for G Suite products

According to the latest announcement from Google at the G Suite Updates Blog page about price policy updates, from April 2, 2019, the price of G Suite services for the Vietnamese market will be adjusted as follows… See more


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